Battleaxe and Sword [Unearthed: Battlechest] Battlechest is the BIGGEST, BEST FANTASY WEAPONS SIMULATION app available. Wield 18 different powerful weapons anytime, anywhere against friends and enemies. Battle, practice and prepare yourself to compete in Battlechest 2.0, a multiplayer experience unlike anything ever seen in the world of gaming.
  • Special power attacks and unique motions trigger each weapon differently
  • Over 100 high-quality film sound effects
  • Select between destruction and gruesome death blows
  • 18 different weapons including: Battle axe, Short Bow, Long sword, Bull whip, Blowgun, Dagger, Tomahawk, Shuriken, Fiery sling, Warhammer, War dart, Scimitar, Flail, Scythe, Butterfly knife, Spear, Boomerang, and Fiery Potion
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Tenfold Games
Tenfold Games

Tenfold Games was founded in the cusp of the mobile games industry when the new generation of smart phones brought together powerful processing, robust operating systems, brilliant and large displays, and most importantly, numerous additional inputs including GPS, motion sensing and touch screens.

Tenfold aims to be at the forefront of this shift, creating new, never-before possible gaming experiences.

Join us on this exciting journey. Send us an email at: and get connected with us on facebook.